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FanAnywhere NFT case study by Kreatorverse
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Trading in NFTs has been all the rage in the world of crypto, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Among the many different types of NFTs, sports NFTs have become increasingly popular among NFT collectors and die-hard sports aficionados alike.

FanAnywhere is stepping into this niche space, and their first NFTs are launching soon.

The Opportunity: NFT Trading

Sports fans and collectors love to collect unique cards, autographed memorabilia, and other assets to support their favorite athletes and clubs. Baseball cards are a great example.

Sports NFTs take advantage of blockchain technology to offer the same experience, albeit in the metaverse.

Sports collectibles in single units get more valuable when they are tokenized. Sports NFTs connect fans and aficionados directly with their idols in a transparent and open market, offering them unique pieces of memorabilia that can be held and sold for a profit when the time is right.

Considering NFT trading is currently the biggest market in the metaverse, sports NFTs have the potential to be sold for handsome profits after being held for a while, with guaranteed royalties on secondary sales.

The Solution: An NFT Marketplace for Sports Collectibles

FanAnywhere is on the verge of launching its first NFTs in this lucrative marketplace, and they are of the Chilean handball federation.

To buy FanAnywhere NFTs, you first have to create an account with your email address and link it to a Metamask wallet. Newcomers to the crypto world can use a Torus wallet as well.

Then you can go ahead and buy the NFT either with the USDC balance on your Torus or Metamask wallet. Alternatively, you could also purchase the NFT using your credit or debit card. For a limited time only, purchases will be allowed even if the buyer does not possess a wallet.

Once you own an NFT, you automatically become eligible for tangible utilities from the brands, such as privileged access to their events, products, and services both in the metaverse and out of it, as well as exclusive in-person memberships.

Kreatorverse – The Web3 Studio Partner

Kreatorverse partnered with FanAnywhere to build the entire user experience for their NFT marketplace.

Our technology enables account holders to mine tokens, purchase NFTs, trade them, list NFTs, and invite bids on them. We also created FanToken – FanAnywhere’s proprietary tokens – and built token contracts for them.

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