Building fintech dApps and deFi solutions was never simpler

Supercharge your Web2 or Web3 business with decentralized asset tokenization

Blockchain infrastructure and tools for Web3 Finance

Solving TradFi and CeFi problems

Strategize, Build, Launch, Measure and Scale.

Tokenize Real World & Financial Assets

Crypto, fungible, and non-fungible tokens minted and managed at scale.

Meta transactions

Seamless and friendly UX with meta transactions. Attract a broader user base.

Proxy contracts

Better control & flexibility over smart contracts. Premium features like membership tiers, exclusive content, or custom experiences.

Upgradable contracts

A business edge to stay ahead of the curve. Fix bugs. Enhance contract performance with seamless user feedback. No redeployments.

Wallet integration

Streamline UX and earn user trust and loyalty. Self-serve user management of funds and wallets, no manual transfers.

DeFi Integration

Users can lend, borrow, earn interest, or participate in the DeFi economy. Yield more revenues via transaction fees & interest-sharing models.

Closest-to-real world deFi tokenization business use-cases.

Explore pre-configured code for the internet we deserve.
Stable coins, Virtual and Digital Assets

Tokenization infrastructure for enterprises in crypto, fungible, and non-fungible assets.

Digital Certificates & Badges

Verifiable credential as proof of identity, address, ownership and authority

Social Trade & Commerce

Creator inclusive social media platforms that rewards the contribution and brand loyalty

Gaming & Entertainment

Avatars and in-game assets, digital art, music, video content distribution as tokenized assets with copyrights protection